Providing Nationwide Representation

Ramsey Barhorst, LLC, advises developers, direct investors, tax credit syndicators and other parties regarding the tax credit aspects of low-income housing projects. We work diligently to take full advantage of available tax credit financing resources and to develop the optimal structures for affordable housing projects across the nation.

Our tax credit financing attorneys have extensive experience in all types of financing incentives, enabling us to develop the optimal financing structure for a project. Often this involves a structure using layers of debt and equity financing, such as 9 percent and 4 percent Section 42 low-income housing tax credits, HUD-insured loans, state and municipal tax exempt bonds, renewable energy credits, and CDBG and HOME financing.

Ramsey Barhorst, LLC, works with clients from the earliest stage of a project to analyze its aspects and develop the optimal combination of tax credits, loan financing and equity. We then provide structuring advice, prepare the organizational documents and provide other services to ensure that our client's tax and development objectives are achieved.

Over the years, change has been the one constant in tax credit financing. Our lawyers stay abreast of changes in the law, tax credit programs, investor incentive programs and other regulatory rules that affect the financing of affordable housing projects. Ramsey Barhorst, LLC, has the experience, knowledge and resources needed to handle any issue that may arise in an affordable housing project