Ramsey Barhorst, LLC, in Kansas City, Missouri, provides legal services to facilitate the development of affordable housing projects across the nation. Our clients include developers, public entities, lenders, management companies and other parties engaged in the development, financing and management of multifamily housing projects and community assets. Though the typical project we handle falls in the $10-$20 million range, we have the experience, knowledge and resources needed to handle affordable housing projects of any size.

Ramsey Barhorst, LLC, provides advice, services and representation regarding all aspects of affordable housing development, including:

Lender representation — We assist lenders in FHA loan origination, closing and compliance matters (loans under Sections 221, 220, 231, 223, 241 and 232).

HUD compliance — Our attorneys help clients comply with HUD regulations and those of other government agencies. We also help clients prepare for HUD audits and achieve a successful resolution to proposed enforcement actions.

Tax credit financing — We advise clients regarding the optimal structure for affordable housing developments, including the proper mix of tax credit financing, state and municipal bonds, and equity.

We can also provide advice and services to address post-development issues concerning affordable housing and community asset projects, such as restructuring of troubled assets, green building renovations and energy retrofits.

Extensive Experience In Affordable Housing Development

Ramsey Barhorst, LLC, has more than 20 years of experience providing legal services in the field of affordable housing and community development. Our lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the legal, regulatory and financial aspects of these projects and a practical knowledge of the challenges facing developers, lenders and other parties. Ramsey Barhorst, LLC, is committed to provide quality legal services to facilitate the completion of successful and financially viable housing projects across the U.S.