In addition to providing assistance regarding the development of affordable housing projects, Ramsey Barhorst, LLC, also advises clients who are facing governmental management, program and compliance-related audits, and in enforcement matters. Our attorneys understand the audit and enforcement processes and the criteria HUD and other government agencies use when deciding whether to cite a party for violation of regulations. We seek to achieve a positive resolution of any regulatory action in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Ramsey Barhorst, LLC, can assist you in matters involving:

  • HUD Inspector General audits and investigations
  • Denial of HUD Form 2530 Previous Participation Clearance
  • Adverse project physical inspections and management reviews
  • Section 8 violations and abatement of Section 8 contracts
  • Responses to Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) inquiries and initiatives
  • Mortgagee Review Board sanctions
  • Other affordable housing audit and enforcement actions

Proactive Measures To Avoid Audits And Enforcement Actions

Our attorneys work diligently to identify potential compliance problems and help clients implement actions that can enable them to avoid problems before they arise. These can range from proper completion and filing of HUD Form 2530 to preparing for a REAC physical inspection and management and occupancy review. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of affordable housing and a comprehensive understanding of HUD audit and compliance procedures. Ramsey Barhorst, LLC, can assist you before, during and after the completion of your project.